Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trimet still on the low road- From The Drivers Side

When management last year decided that new hires could no longer take an afternoon to go to the union office to be officially welcomed as ATU members, it was another slap in our collective faces. Then they locked our union leadership out of the garages. It's obvious management has definite plans to totally break the bond between workers and our representative body. It has us by the short hairs, because it's illegal for us to strike. This provides management an unfair advantage. They get the gold mine, and you know who gets the shaft

Monday, July 10, 2017

Trimet Deacon in Blue calls out management abuse

Why do we put up with it? We certainly don't need management's meddling. Instead of finding new ways to harass those who do the real work of transit, why aren't they working harder to support us? We don't need their interference, but we could use some constructive leadership.
  But for the pain we're feeling due to this over abundance of ridiculous management interference is counter-productive to the agency's fallacious mantra "Safety Is Our Core Value."

Get a grip on your own issues, management. We know how to do our job. Let us do it, and quit meddling where you shouldn't tread because of your lack of understanding. We constantly provide excellent service to the riding public. Why don't you trust us?

From the Driver Side: Us vs. Them

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lomax returns

Maybe she never left

Deconstructing the June Trimet board meeting part 6

The completely useless boondoggle called "Powell/Division"

Somebody's lying about the tax increase receipts

Why does Trimet say its $40 million in revenue but the state say its $71 Million.

My bet is Trimet is low balling.
Who's gonna ask them why the figures are so different?
No reporters that I know of.

I find it funny that light rail was specifically excluded from this tax grab!
It remains to be seen what actually happens to this money.

This is a screen shot of the state press release.
This is a screenshot of the Trimet document.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Trimet Deacon in Blue

I strongly believe that transit management today is no more "skilled" than its operators. We could, given the vast amount of experience many operators have gained in other careers, run the entire operation without those currently in management. Most of them have never driven a bus. Many wouldn't pass the training regimen, and others would likely run screaming from the seat if ever required to operate in service. These folks may believe what they're doing will improve local transit, but they cannot empathize with our problems. Conversely, I know many fellow operators who could lead the agency with a high degree of competence, while retaining our confidence they would lead us back to the top. They would manage with the knowledge of what it actually takes to do our job.

The Oregon transportation bill

Hard to believe that actual human beings write this stuff.
Another bureaucratic entity born with your money that has basically been stolen from us without a vote like they had In Seattle.