Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trimet horror show

It seemed like there was a light at the end of the tunnel when management and our union came to agreement on our latest contract. Then I noticed the light dimmed shortly after we approved the contract. Seems they left their high beams on just long enough to blind us, then added fog lights for special effect.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

TriMet bus driver helps save a life

Damn good letter to the Oregonian

If TriMet's executive board would stop congratulating itself on how grand it is, board members might notice huge gaps in service. Having lived in Northwest, Southeast and now Southwest Portland, I can compare and report service in the close-in westside neighborhoods are abysmal. 
The latest example of TriMet's failure to serve was for the annual First Run & Walk beginning midnight Dec. 31 into Jan. 1. TriMet can get you downtown but not home again. No bus service was available. Yes, the light rail ran late, but those of us living close-in have no access to light rail from neighborhoods such as Multnomah Village, John's Landing, and Lair Hill. If light rail can run until 3 a.m. on New Year's Day, why not the buses?
Other gaps in service are weekday and weekend evenings. If Portlanders want to bus downtown for a lecture, theater or other events and live close-in, getting home is always a problem after 10 p.m. Passengers will have waits of up to an hour. Again, this is a failure to serve. I have found TriMet's bus drivers, trip planners and customer service representatives to be very kind, patient and helpful. To TriMet executives, I say stifle your arrogance, take off your blinders and look honestly at your failure to serve this tri-county community.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jacon Trimm-Bryan tells the story of the night he stole a Trimet bus

 Jacob and I were casual internet buddies. 
I was shocked when I heard the news story that he had been arrested for stealing a Trimet bus out of Center Street. 
He served 10 months in jail for that incident. 
He told me his story.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Trimet Deke N Blue

Operators define an "assault" as any action by another which threatens our safety. This could be a menacing verbal threat, someone purposefully brushing our shoulder on the way out the door while cursing us, a drink thrown at us, being spit or puked upon, having insults screamed in our face, or an actual physical assault. The district, for some strange reason, tends to solely define "assault" as physical aggression. This is misleading in that it furthers the notion that we're still expected to operate after our bodies have experienced a severe biological shock. The "fight or flight" response to a threat or an assault is scientifically proven to have a lasting effect on the victim. It can sometimes take weeks, months or even years to recover from it. The adrenaline rush, hormonal explosion and muscle tension can be thoroughly exhausting even though the crisis may only last a few minutes. Those who continue in service after such an incident are not fully capable of driving safely because the operator's mind constantly replays the incident. Instead, we need to concentrate on all we're trained to do in the seat. This is called "distracted," or even "impaired" driving, which in other contexts is illegal. Therefore, as far as many operators are concerned, the term "assault" covers a wide spectrum of offenses. It's certainly more inclusive of the open hands we're faced with on the job than the district's deceptively-slim definition of the term.

Read the entire essay HERE

The death of @trimetdriver

Monday, January 1, 2018

Trimet December board meeting part 5

Randy (the hack) Stedmen presents the ATU757 contract to the sock puppets.
The concessions the company made to the union were offset by the ability to contract out light rail maintenance. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Trimet December board meeting part 4

JC Venetta/Harry Sapporta/Doug Kelsey

Its official, Trimet just screwed over its long term superior bus operators

Nobody really knew for sure if the executive management would sink so low to actually implement this. 
The people running Trimet  are nothing but aristocrats and they act like aristocrats.
They could care less about their "subjects" (yes Trimet is just like an independent country)

Just more examples of how horrible things are at Trimet, they never stop thinking of ways to screw their unionized workforce.

Part of this lands on ATU757, but only a small part. Shirley, John, and Mary are no match for the army of high priced executives that comes with being the aristocracy of a government tax farm.

I put this latest abomination 75% on Trimet   25% on the union. 
Trimet is only doing this to stir up union members against the current ATU757  executive officers. 
Apparently there is still plenty of animosity between Mcfarlane and Shirley et al.
I'm quite certain that the only reason there is a contract right now is that Mcfarlane (the current emperor) is going to take his substantial winnings and ride off into the sunset like all the other general managers (presidents) and wanted some good press on his way out.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trimet horror stories

Working in the public transportation industrial complex in a major city is no easy task. It takes  a person of above average physical health and incredible mental strength to survive a career as a bus driver. 

The American neoliberal technocracy  has conspired with mainstream media to present to the public a perception that transit workers are undeserving of decent pay and benefits. "Anybody can drive a bus" is the way bus driving is depicted in American culture. The reality is actually the opposite. 
It's one of the hardest jobs in the country and  ranks as THE MOST DEPRESSING JOB in the United States of America.

 In other words, This job will kill you. LITERALLY.

One thing we will never see in any mainstream publication is that Transit Management itself plays a major role in destroying the people working in the industry.

 Here are a couple recent horror stories of people who worked in the  public transportation industrial  complex (Trimet) who's lives were  ruined as a result, literally.

When Trimet recruits people into this industrial complex they neglect to tell applicants of these horror stories. There are 1000's of stories like the 2 below. When you accept a job in public transportation you should know the horror stories.

I have my own version of a Trimet horror story but compared to stories like the two below mine is pretty mild
I did experience the brutality of the Transit management, and its bad believe me.
My Trimet career ended with me sneaking out the back door directly to HR and I never interacted with any Trimet station management again.
 But I got what I was supposed to get. 
A pension and some health care.
Who knows if it will last

Sunday, December 24, 2017

MAX disruption audio

Have a nice Holiday and if you get bored you can listen to these incidents